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About Nexus Industrial Park

Nexus Industrial Park is the flagship project of Nexus in Gujarat.

We are privately held company to cater the needs of corporate MNCs for their industrial property requirements. We provide industrial shed, buildings and plots on sale and rental basis to setup factory / warehouse quickly  and cost-effectively.

We have diversified presence and extensive experience in construction, real estate, property leasing and consulting services business.

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At Nexus Industrial Park, We strive to serve manufacturing, ancillary and auxiliary businesses by providing infrastructure ready industrial shed, warehouse and plot at competitive pricing at strategically prime location in India to operate and thus, minimize their upfront capital investment, setup time and business risk.

We provide realistic picture about financial, operational, and contractual matters to help our clients taking the right decision for their business.


We envisage ourselves as a trendsetter in industrial property development and professional leasing business to fulfill industrial infrastructure needs of companies cost-effectively.

We are determined to set new parameters empowered by our distinctive business model.

Leasing at Nexus Industrial Park has more economic sense and business comfort than leasing anywhere else.
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